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Are you keen to get fit by doing exercises at home, but just need a bit of spark to get your new routine underway? Perhaps you are working long hours, are busy running around after kids, travelling a lot, living away from a main centre, or are simply not a gym buff. Doing exercises at home - at a time that suits you - makes getting fit achievable. All you need now is some interesting home workouts, some motivation, and some support to keep you on track!

It's easy with Ezyfit. Your place, your pace.

Watch an online video & start building tone today

You'll get

  • A personalised program of home workouts tailored specifically for you
  • Easy to follow demonstrations of over 150 exercises in the video library
  • An online personal trainer who updates your program every 8 weeks, and is available to answer any questions at the touch of a button
  • A wide range of exercise classes to watch, from pilates and yoga to step and aerobics
  • Motivation and 24 hr email support from your online personal trainer, weekly tips and loads of extra tools such as
  • BMI calculators and calorie counters.
  • Over 150 exercises you can do at home

Whatever your goal - lose weight, tone up, or get fit, it’s time to feel amazing. Congratulations! You've overcome the biggest challenge by taking the first step to get here. Now it’s time to get started. It’s simple:

Whatever your fitness level, and exercise preferences, there are home workouts that will suit. The Ezy Fit system has been developed by a team of gym owners and professional personal trainers. They’ve personally worked with thousands of people of all ages, stages and physical limitations to improve fitness. If there’s a road block, they’ve probably seen it and will find a way around it. There is a way forward - let us show it to you!

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