About Ezyfit

Ezyfit was the brainchild of a gym owner and the gyms' personal trainer - that's us, Paul and Dave - based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are motivated to help people who weren't getting to gyms to keep fit from home.   Over years of working together, we have seen more and more people not prioritising their health and well-being. So, with a good knowledge of the challenges that our customers face, we created this unique website for people who want to get fit but need some guidance to make it happen.

    Our team of exercise professionals have the experience and expertise to cater for any obstacle you may face.  We will motivate you by working out a personalised exercise program and plan that will suit your lifestyle, then monitor your progress and provide constant support along the way.
    Our passion is helping you succeed; we want to get as many people as possible involved in regular exercise and nutrition as possible.  You'll enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle whilst achieving great results!
    Ezyfit support is available at by emailing your trainer and you can view exercise class videos or exercise demo's anywhere you have an internet connection, whether you're snowed under at work, travelling, or busy looking after children.  Home workouts and exercises you can do at home (or travelling) are a great solution to your health and fitness needs. Simply join and start training!!!

    Meet the head trainer

    Paul has been working in the fitness industry for 8 years; he has built up and run a successful Personal Training business working out of commercial gyms and health clubs alike. Having helped thousands of people discover the benefit of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, Paul is now leading our team in the fight get you looking and feeling great.
    "My passion for helping others achieve their results has lead me to Ezyfit; we have a team of skilled exercise professionals who share the same enthusiasm for helping you achieve your desired goals"

    Paul heads our team of Personal Trainers helping to ensure each personalised training program is prescribed to what you've told us in your health questionnaire. 

    "Here at Ezyfit, it's all about finding out about you, and what health and fitness solution is going to work for your goals. Our Personal training team will design a training program and plan to fit with your lifestyle whilst ensuring you'll still get great results. Here's your chance to try out the Ezyfit site. Once you join Ezyfit you can personally contact Paul and the rest of the Ezyfit Personal Training team. You'll be assigned your very own Personal trainer who will get to know you and look after you on your journey to success.
    "On behalf of the Ezyfit team I look forward to the opportunity to help you look good and feel great!" from Paul (Ezyfit's Head Trainer)



    "Paul’s professionalism is evident in his careful instruction, adaptation of exercises to protect prior injuries, detailed anatomical knowledge and high expectations."  Juliet Wensley
    Matt Todd
    “Ezyfit is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their health, lose weight, tone up, work on their fitness or improve their well-being. You'll get a personalized service from the comfort of your own home. Give Ezyfit a go and find out for yourself.”  Matt Todd, Canterbury Rugby Player

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