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 I've never really worked out before.  Is Ezyfit for me?

Our workouts are broken down into skill levels and our exercises into progressions. So you move along at your own fitness pace. We motivate you along the way. We will design you a program based on your current fitness level and exercise preferences, then make sure you progress towards your goals at a pace you can manage.

 How do I know what fitness level I am at?

We get you started, so you'll know exactly which level to train at for each workout.  All you do is fill in our questionnaire so we know your medical and exercise history. Once you have mastered a base level program, we progress your training so you stay motivated, and you move forward towards your goals.

 Is "Ezyfit" enough or should I do more?

Yes, Ezyfit will be enough. The workouts are designed to challenge you. The workouts are designed for you and specifically balanced to so you'll reap the greatest rewards. You''ll get great results if done properly and with the correct advice and intensity.

 Should I warm up before working out?

We do 5-10 minutes of warm up to prepare for each workout to decrease the chance of injury and prep you for your workout.

 Should I do a 'core' workout?

It may not look like it, but every exercise is working your core. Doing a variety of exercises each day is the absolute best for true core strength.

 Why would I need Ezyfit?

Everybody needs a coach or advisor. Someone who has specialised knowledge and experience. The support, ongoing motivation and expert advice we offer is very personal and just like having a face-to-face trainer.

 Will it work for me?

Having Ezyfit as your trainer and coach gives you access to the latest training methods and exercises so you learn and benefit from having your exercise regime personally designed for your lifestyle.

It replaces all the confusion, fads and hype with scientifically proven training principles.

 I am not a member of a gym. Is Ezyfit beneficial to me?

Yes.  Our coaching program is for you. Our trainers specialise in home-based workouts The program we design for you is designed and based on what equipment you have available (if you don’t have any equipment available, that’s fine.  Your program will be based on your goals and what you have available, the number of days you can train and how much time you have available to workout. All of our exercise classes can be done anywhere including in the privacy of your own home.

 How long will it take before I see results?

That will depend on where you are already at in terms of your fitness and weight. It has been my experience that most people see results as soon as they start training, you will notice changes in your fitness as soon as you start to exercise. Changes in body shape can occur anywhere from 7 days onwards.

 Will this program take up much time?

The program is specifically designed to be time efficient and you can outline what level and commitment you make. Its all personalised to how many days per week you can train and how much time you have available each session. Having a plan that is realistic for YOU to follow makes it a lot easier to stick with it.

 How will I receive my workouts from you?

You can log into your personal membership homepage and view your workout program. You can then download them to your computer or phone, or print them out anywhere. Keep us up to date with your progress and we will design you a new program when you are ready.

 What if I have NO experience with exercise.  Is this for me?

Each workout has a built in video  and explanations of each item of your program. If you are new to exercise, then Ezyfit is perfect for you.  We are here to coach you through every step of the way. You will always have our ongoing support 24/7.

 Is there a diet component to this program?

Ezyfit membership does provide general nutritional guidelines and plans to follow. You can also use our nutritional database to monitor the foods you are eating and make sure they are in line with the goals you are trying to achieve. You can contact your PT at anytime with any specific nutritional questions.

 How can you help me online without actually seeing me?

Membership begins with a detailed questionnaire that gets us started on developing your customised plan or if you choose a detailed 7 days kick-start program. You tell us what you want to achieve, the time and equipment you have available, what motivates you and other relevant information. You can also send us photos so that we can see who we''re working with. We dialog with you as needed and come up with what we know will really work for you as a no-fail step-by-step guide to achieving your goals. With Ezyfit you will get constant support.  Imagine having a trainer on call everyday!

 Does the program involve purchasing any specialized equipment or gym membership?

No!  Great results can be achieved by just working out from home. We design your training plan around your lifestyle and what you have available. You can achieve alot with very little or no equipment. Whether you have full access to a gym or have a mat on your floor at home, we can make exercise work for you.

 Is the program safe to use?

The programs are 100% safe. We have used proven techniques and exercise methods to create the program. Your program gives you detailed understanding of the technique that should be used for each exercise. It is recommended that anyone who may have any concerns should consult a Medical Professional before commencing any fitness program.

 Is their an age limit?

We recommend those who embark on the program are aged 16 years and over.

 How long will my membership last?

You will have complete uninterrupted access to our Members Area and receive Personalised help as soon as you become a member. Your  membership is on a monthly recurring basis and for your convenience, you can cancel or rejoin at anytime.

 What type of fitness equipment is required for your personalized programs?

None. Since our personalised programs are completely customized to each individual, we can design a program with no equipment or just dumbbells or even for use with a club membership. So whatever equipment you do or don''t have, we can work with you!

 What will my Customised Program include?

Since your program is entirely personalized for you, what it includes will depend on your goals, medical and exercise history, available equipment, etc. based on what you indicate in your health questionnaire.

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