Online exercise program: Get lean and ripped in 10 weeks

online exercise program lean and rippedSo you have 10 weeks, want to change your body shape, have 5 hours or more a week spare, motivation and are ready to make change? I've got something you might just like: an online exercise program that in 10 weeks to get knowledge that will change your body for the rest of life! If you live to 75 years old, then 10 weeks is 0.25% of your life.  Not much to give up really is it? Think long-term!

Take a photo of yourself standing front on and side on before you start.

If you think the motivation will be the hard part, then join Ezyfit and get your very own online personal trainer who will create your online exercise program and be only be a click away all the way.

Now you are going to have to make changes to your diet (significant in some cases), up the intensity and frequency of your exercise, and be strict and follow a challenging regime for 10 weeks. But the end results will make it all worthwhile!

Week 1: 2x 30min runs; 3x full body weight sessions (50mins). Go to the supermarket and stay on the outside and don't venture into the middle aisles.  Stock up on fruits, vegetables and high quality protein sources. You'll need enough food to last 5-6 small daily meals.  (if you join Ezyfit, you get meal plans). If you can't run, then follow an interval training plan or get your Ezyfit Personal trainer to design a custom plan just to suit your needs.

Your goal: Complete the 5 workouts each week and work out taking all processed foods out of your diet.

Week 3:  Weight loss 3kgs +, an increase in energy and vitality.

New target 1x 5km run each week (duration < 40mins), 1x ezyfit interval blast (30 mins),  1x fat burner exercise class 30mins, 2x Ezyfit muscle building split training regime (50mins duration).

Week 6:  5kgs + weight loss, rest week! Light Run x 2 (30mins duration), 2x Ezyfit yoga for Beginners (30mins duration).

Allow yourself 2 cheat meals this week but don't go overboard with the portion size you eat.  Enjoy this week because we are on the home stretch after this.

In week 7 get right back on to where you left off.

Week 9: It's close, this week you'll do 20mins of interval training and 40mins of weights in each for your workouts. Your intervals will be 1min on, 30s off for 10mins, then 100m on and 1min off for 10mins. You'll do a different muscle group with each weights workout: Day 1: Chest and triceps: Day2: Back and Biceps: Day 3: Legs: Day 4: Shoulders and calves: Day 5: Core Strength. Get your Ezyfit personal trainer to put together a plan that will get your in great shape for next week's finale.

Week 10: Follow week nine's program and your nutrition will be perfect as it is the last week where you create those final changes to your body shape! At the end of the week, allow 1-2 days rest, then take those final photos to see all those amazing changes you have made! Also spend some time thinking about how much better you feel and how much productive you are in your daily life.

With our online exercise program, we set out to change your body shape but we will have done a lot more than that. This is the new you.  It's time to read the article above and focus on your maintenance. 

(Send us your before and after photos. We always like seeing the amazing changes our 10 week Ezyfit Blitz creates

Get ripped now - sign up and get my support to make it happen!

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