What you'll Learn

from your tailored exercise plan, and why it’s just what you need to kick start your new fitness routine.

Welcome, and congratulations! You are in for the ride of your life.

You’re here because you want to tone up and increase your level of fitness – without having to spend a small fortune on a personal trainer, battle the traffic to get to a gym, or subject yourself to a group of sweaty pounding fitness fanatics! So we’ve put together a powerful program to help you achieve your fitness goals, from home (or on the run, if you’re a frequent traveler)!

Now when I first thought about writing a program of exercises at home, I was hesitant. After all, there are many great exercise programs on the internet. But I’ve found out that most of these don’t work, because people don’t implement the plans. Such programs aren’t tailored around people’s lifestyles, their personal exercise preferences, or even the specific body areas they want to target. And there is no ongoing help and motivation to keep on track.

It’s easy to get fit with Ezyfit. Your place, your pace.

So what has Ezyfit done to simplify getting fit?

Firstly, you’ll find there are recommended health and fitness steps for you to take.

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Ezyfit's program is successful because we’ve worked on each of these areas, AND we provide support of an online personal trainer to keep you accountable, so you can get fit faster and not simply view it and forget it.

  • Try a Pilates, step, or aerobics class, get a diet and exercise plan to help you.
  • "Lose up to 7 pounds in 7 days,” or make a personal commitment to the “Post-pregnancy belly buster" program.

If the whole idea of squeezing in extra time for exercise has you already feeling tired(!), start with the “7 day Wellness Plan” to de-stress. In the meantime, fill out your health questionnaire, and one of our experienced personal trainers will put together a tailored program based around your activity preferences, anyexercise equipment you have like swiss balls or weights (don’t worry if you don’t have anything), and any injuries or health issues you need to be mindful of. In our experience, demonstrations are much better than a ton of diagrams.

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there are a range of online classes to view at a time that works for you, and various intensity levels.

Sign up & a range of classes & exercise programs are available for you to start immediately.

Unlike other programs that give you lots of text detailing how to do it, but don’t show you examples of how it’s actually done, Ezyfit gives you a feast of exercise demonstration videos, arranged by body part. Your personal trainer will put together a program for you every eight weeks with demonstration videos of every exercise. These are proven exercises that our personal trainers have used with clients from a variety of ages to achieve individual fitness goals.

You’ll find when you see the specific examples of exercises that will be outlined in your personalized program or class, everything will make sense – and your elusive fitness dreams will be brought to life. Throughout the program, I’ll be giving you motivation tips, keeping you accountable & providing fresh content, so that you can actually evolve your fitness routine to be more challenging as your fitness grows. Now let me set one thing straight. I don’t have any wonder potions for overnight transformation.

“What I can offer in the Ezyfit program is a proven formula, based on 20 years of working with clients at several gyms that I own”

I have hand selected our online personal training team, some of whom I’ve worked for many years. They work with anyone from dedicated athletes, time-poor executives, trapped mums, travelling reps, guys that want to keep an impending beer belly in shape, and people who want to kick start a new fitness routine because a change in circumstances or location has put the codwash on earlier good habits. Many years ago, lifestyles meant we were more on the go.

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Stats show that 25% of all adults are not active at all!

That means our busy lifestyles are making it harder & harder than ever before to find time to get fit

A busy household calls for EzyFit’s new stress buster program.

The digital age, although making manual tasks less tedious, has left us sitting on our butts for longer in front of a TV, mobile phone or computer screen, in a car, or tied to the office or kitchen. Think about it, the Western way has us slaving away to achieve the 3 B’s – bach, beamer and Bahamas holidays. But there’s a fourth “b”, burnout! So we simply have to get better at maintaining ourselves! And that’s why you’re reading this. We know that doing more exercise actually gives us more energy for life. That’s what I write in my diary for my regular exercise slots – “fuel for life”.

“All we are missing is that kick start and personalized program to get us on track, and someone to cue us to get into it”

Now I’m a gym owner, with a personal training team, who specialize in results-based fitness – that is, exercise programs that achieve individual fitness and weight goals. The knowledge in the Ezyfit program has been built by training hundreds of clients. Many of the exercise programs and classes my clients have paid hundreds of dollars for. You’ll get access to all of this for just $27 a month. So if you want to feel more toned, fitter and more healthy, if you want to get more energy for life, to find a program that’s enjoyable, that works around your lifestyle and activity preferences, then Ezyfit is for you. When you finish your exercise program, you’ll have a new routine that will keep you fitter than half of the population. In fact, you’ll feel fantastic. Why? Because the program will fit around your lifestyle, it’s tailored to your goals, and you get the support of an online trainer to keep you motivated. So make a decision now to commit to giving 100% to this program, because this is not about theory, it’s about tested exercises and experience that’s been distilled.

I’ve made it simple, but you’ll still need to work at it. After all, if it were that easy, we wouldn’t have such an obscene proportion of the population being obese (not that I’m putting you in that category!) What you’re getting here is the wisdom of the ages from some [not so old] guns! Now in order to make this program work, you’re going to need:

  • The discipline to set aside some time to begin exercising, and a computer or smartphone to log in to track your results and get your program
  • The ability to take on board the knowledge we’ll give you
  • The flexibility to make new decisions and take positive steps towards increasing your fitness
  • Sign up NOWA good dose of determination
  • A positive attitude.

Because, although I believe this program is one of the most powerful tools for cracking the fitness barrier, and getting the body you want, you’re the one who’s in the driver’s seat. I’m making it clear simply so you don’t fall asleep at the wheel, and you keep focused on what your outcome is, every step of the way. But all of this work is going to pay off for you many times over, because you’ll learn:

  • How to exercise to get results on specific, hard-to-shift body areas
  • How to fit exercise into your lifestyle and from the location of your choice – your place, your pace
  • How to save hundreds in gym fees
  • And ultimately, how to lose weight, look great, tone up and feel amazing.

That’s what it’s all about. It’s practical, logical information – and I’ve made it as easy to follow as I possibly can. And the system works. If you don’t believe this is true, just ask our personal trainers. A good personal trainer is constantly changing their approach, and working out what works best – what motivates the prospective client – until they find a winning formula. Your job is to do the same with your exercise. Try something new, see how it works, then adapt it again & constantly improve it – with expert help from Ezyfit and an updated program every 8 weeks. If you follow this system, you’ll get the body you desire, and the extra energy you need to fuel your life. You’re about to begin a joyful journey. So make the decision now to sign up, complete your health questionnaire, try something new, and integrate and implement the new exercise programs. And make your final destination one where you’ve quelled your desire to make a change for the better, and you’re at peace with your new, balanced, body and mind.

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