How to maintain weight loss

So you have lost weight. Congratulations! The next step is working out how to maintain weight loss. Where do you want to be in a year's time? Back to where you started..... or living a healthy lifestyle and still in great shape?

Your weight loss will have happened over a period of time, maybe 3, 6 12 months or even longer. Over that time you will have followed an exercise regime and nutritional plan designed for you to lose weight.  Here's some good news - you won’t need to be as strict about your nutrition or maintain the same level of exercise, but you will need to stay on track.

The biggest thing to avoid is thinking "wow I've done so well I’m just going to relax for a while."  Remember the hard work you put in to get to where you are.  Let's not go back there again. If you have followed a restricting diet that doesn’t allow for much variation, you may not know how to eat generally healthy food, or how to have moderation with your food choices. Check out our Ezyfit nutritional plan (part of our exercises at home and home workouts online program) for some great ideas on how to integrate the foods you enjoy with slipping back into your old habits.

When maintaining weight loss, here are a few things to consider:

maintaining weight loss1) Portion control: you can stay healthy amd those tasty so called bad foods, but keep in mind they are high in energy so eat a small portion (you enjoy the taste but won’t add those extra kg's)

2) Regular meals: You will have no doubt learned about your metabolism and how a fast metabolism will assist in losing and keeping your weight down. Regular small meals will help keep your metabolism arcing along (remember those small portion sizes though.)

3) Moderation is ok: but don't overdo it, high calorie processed foods aren't good for your health full stop.  Be creative and have meals that are tasty but don't break the calorie bank.

4) Drink water: Staying hydrated means you won't mistake dehydration for hunger and have those mid afternoon tired spells. If you have had your meal and still feel hungry have big glass of water and wait for 30mins.....see if you still feel hungry.

5) Use fruits, vegetables and high quality protein sources as much as you can in your diet.

6) Exercise: Now you will still need to exercise.  You may be able to decrease the frequency or intensity a little but keep up the hard work. By now you will probably be enjoying your exercise that much that you will want to keep you training up and even improve on it in the future. Here's a tip: set yourself another goal.  Goals are what keep you motivated in the tough times.  Set yourself a new challenge so you don't let yourself get to lazy. Remember.....Don't relax too much maintaining your weight is a lot easier than losing it again!

To get a balanced exercise program to maintain weight loss, consider Ezyfit's exercises at home and home workouts program.  For just US$19 a month, you get a personalised program you can do at home, updated every 8 weeks to keep you motivated, and the support of your own online personal trainer, available by email for any questions. There are video exercise demos, and a host of online excercise classes you can start straight away.  You've succeed in losing weight. Don't stuff it up now! Maintain weight loss with support from an online trainer at Ezyfit, and get a routine that will keep your new shape.

Best of luck maintaining weight loss!  We would love to help you get a new routine to stay looking good.


Head Personal Trainer, Ezyfit

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