Ezyfit Member Benefits

Ezyfit membership helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals, from losing weight and toning up, through to improving your general fitness and the increased energy that brings. But sometimes it's hard to stay committed.  Ezyfit helps by providing loads of home workouts, online exercises and exercise classes, plus your very own Personal Trainer, motivating and guiding you to strive towards your goals.

Members have access to a full range of exercises and classes, from aerobics, step classes and fat burning workouts, to exercises with weights,  sit ups and pilates.  Ezyfit provides all the tools needed to see great results.

  • Life is busy.  It's hard to juggle work, play and keeping fit.  You'll get your own personal progress monitor to help keep you on track, plus you'll have your own personal trainier making sure you see results.
  • No Motivation? With weekly motivational tips to keep you focused and a personal trainer message service, you won't have to let a lack of motivation get in the way of success. We will reward you with monthly draws for the best results.
  • Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Our calorie counter and nutritional meal plans will provide you with the knowleadge and guidence to avoid the frustating weight fluctuations and platos in your results.
  • Sick of getting injuries? Our personalised programs are designed to your level of exercise experience. With detailed exercise descriptions and videos, you'll perform your exercises with great technique and get most out of your exercises.
  • Need a little extra support or guidance? Ezyfit's personal trainers know how hard it can be to achieve your health fitness goals.  With so many things affecting you on a daily basis, it is important to have an extra helping hand at the touch of a button.  Contact your Personal Trainer as often as you need to. We are here to help and we want you to see amazing results.  It's not as hard as you think.  You don't need to do this journey alone - do it with Ezyfit.

Get fit now for just US$19 month


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Your Personal Trainer will personally tailor an exercise program for you based on your weight, fitness, health and any available equipment (doesn't matter if you don't have anything).  Every eight weeks your trainer will update your program and make sure you're on track and motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals.

BONUS: Every month we will send you six workout videos with the latest exercises and training regimes so you'll never get bored with your training regime. Your Personal Trainer will put together a weekly exercise plan with your goals in mind.  Simply follow your plan, and use our nutrional meal plans and calorie counter to monitor your nutrition and see the results.  

Personal Progress Monitor

Your personal progress monitor is your own guideline on how you are progressing with your health and fitness on a monthly basis. The monitor works on a REWARDS POINTS SYSTEM; the more you train and get involved with our site, the more rewards points you receive throughout the month. It is a great way to measure how you are progressing and just how focused you are on achieving your health and fitness goals.

Your personalized monitor ranges from 0-100 points (see the Ezyfit bar chart above), and you can gain these points in many different ways. To gain your points just follow the Ezyfit Points System:

  • 0.5 point per day max, for logging onto Ezyfit site
  • 1 point per day max, for entering and communicating with other members about health and fitness in the members forum
  • 1 point for exercising in one of our online classes with a maximum of 2 points per day
  • 5 points for every 0.5 kg lost in the month (keep entering your weight in Your Results page)
  • 10 bonus points for losing 3 kg per month

Every single month, aim for being in the green on your indicator (between 70-100 points).  Better still, get some friends on board and motivate each other to test yourselves. Be the first to reach 100 points! To achieve optimum results, you have to be focused on your health and fitness goals.  By simply scoring well on your personal progress indicator, you will be well on your way.

You now have everything you need to obtain the results you desire.



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