The 5 biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight at home

If you're trying to lose weight at home rather than going to a gym or getting a personal trainer, here are the 5 biggest mistakes we've seen people make. By the way, we are a gym owner and personal trainer who established a program to help people lose weight at home based on the challenges we've witnessed helping people to lose weight at our gyms.

1: I'm afraid of doing resistance training.

Weight training will boost your metabolism: fast metabolism=fast results. It is often thought that weight training is for bodybuilders and athletes only. This myth scares a lot of people away from the gym and consequently slows down your weight loss. Your metabolism is your body's energy production system and if is working inefficiently, then you will find it very challenging to to lose weight, and even more challenging to maintain the weight you lose. A personally prescribed exercise program from Ezyfit will ensure your metabolism is firing. Remember: you don't need fancy gym equipment - we can provide you a program that suits you and any equipment that you have (or don't have) e.g. swiss balls, weights.

2: You're doing too much long distance cardio

Don't waste painful hours doing slow, long distance cardiovascular workouts; use effective interval-based training to speed up your results. Here's why: first of all. yes doing long distance cardio will burn energy which will assist in your weight loss.  The issue lies in the stress your body is put under when you're doing long period of exercise.  When your body is put under prolonged periods of stress, your Cortisol levels will increase. Cortisol is a stress hormone that your body produces; it is commonly linked with excess body fat being stored around the abdominal area and also prevents your body breaking down body fat as a source of energy. So what's the answer? Some long distance cardio is still ok, but add in some shorter interval based training e.g. repetitive bouts of intense exercise, 1min fast 30s slow on a c ergo meter for example. By pushing yourself at high intensity (80+%), your body will be forced to burn more energy, not only whilst you exercise but also once you finish.

lose weight at home avoid 5 mistakes3. You're not drinking enough water

Stay hydrated.  We are made up of 75% water. If you get dehydrated, you are slowing your body down. What if I said I had a product that is easily accessible and could make a lot of difference to your weight loss program. Would you be interested? I would!  If you allow your body to become dehydrated (and most people do) then you will not only slow down your metabolism and burn less energy but you will also find yourself feeling very lethargic and low on energy. What happens when you get lethargic and low on energy? You will find yourself craving high caffeine and high carbohydrate foods that often provide excess calories. As simple as it sounds, by drinking around 2 litres or 6-8 glasses of water per day, you will be giving yourself a better chance at success!

4. Maybe you're not eating enough?

More is less when it comes to nutrition.  Eat 5-6 small meals a day, and do away with the 3 square meal theories. Sounds crazy doesn't it - I'm telling you you're not eating enough and you're trying to lose weight. Here's the secret: it's not about eating more, it's about eating more often. Once again I'm going to mention your metabolism.  You should ideally be eating 5-6x per day to keep your body's energy production system (metabolism) firing as efficiently as possible. Now don't eat more, just decrease the portion size of your major meals and you will end up needing to eat less and you won't let your energy levels get too low. For more info see our Ezyfit meal plans where you can see what an ideal meal plan looks like.

5. Motivational magic

Motivation is the key to all success.  You need to see constant results and have fun on the way to achieving your goals. This is why we started Ezyfit - to provide you with motivation and expertise to get the results you want the first time. At Ezyfit, you'll get a personalised exercise program you can do from home, online support with a personal trainer available by email to help you stay on track towards your goals, and lots of nutritional advice.  Motivation is a personal thing; remember you will get your very own Ezyfit personal trainer who will guide you on how to lose weight at home, look after you and provide you the personal motivation that will see you looking great and feeling amazing.  Find out more about our online exercise program or get started now!

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